Skillshare – Character Animation Physics for Beginners – 2D frame by frame in Open Toonz – part 1 laws of physics

Do you want to become an animator? To create epic, heavy monsters or tiny, cute creatures you need to understand how and why they move differently.

If you get it right, your audience will believe that they have beings with a real physical presence in front of them.

Weight in animation is tough to get right, but by practicing and building a solid foundation you are getting ready for even the most difficult challenges.

This beginner course is the first step to truly master basic animation principles of physics and body mechanics.

And we will not stop at the usual practice animations (the famous bouncing ball) like most beginner tutorials do. We will create a cool looping character animation to see the principles in action.

This class will work you through a very organized animation workflow in a free, open-source 2D animation software called Open Toonz.





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