TARA LESHER – The Water Goddess

Learn how to:

Create a fantasy composite/digital manipulation image from start to finish.
Utilize ACR to create a desaturated/cool-toned base.
Use several methods to color-tone for an underwater atmosphere.
Add shadows and water reflections
Use Gaussian blur for a depth effect.
Use a glitter overlay for multiple custom and unique purposes
Add dramatic lighting.
Use solid color layers to brighten and add vibrance to the skin
Use the warp tool to customize stock
Use ACR and existing stock to globally color match
Group and merge layers and objects
Dodge & burn-in gradual layers & using various methods for a custom effect
Add, tone, and blend hair stock to your model
Digitally add makeup
Change the color of objects.
Artistically blend lighting, shadows, and color tones for a cohesive final image.
and much more





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