CGCookie – Fundamentals of Rigging-Learn How to Rig Anything in Blender

Learn How to Rig Anything in Blender | Fundamentals of Rigging
Rigs, armatures, bones, parenting, space and bone constraints: learn all the tools and techniques for rigging in Blender. This is the first step to animating your 3d models and we’ll take it slow, perfect for beginners.

Rigging = creating the controls and deformation structure to animate a 3d Blender model
Yes, it is a technical art, which is scary to a lot of people. So in this course, we’ll start at the start…and go step by step.

You will learn all about bones and all the tools you will need to place them where you need them.

You will also learn about parenting, space, the armature modifier and I will explain almost all of the bone constraints there are in Blender.





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