Domestika – 3D Animation with Cinema 4D and Redshift for Beginners

3D Animation with Cinema 4D and Redshift for Beginners
A course by Farid Ghanbari (RenderBurger) , Art Director and 3D Artist

Discover the essentials of powerful 3D software to design, build, and render animated objects and landscapes

Art director and 3D artist Farid Ghanbari, also known as Renderburger, loves nothing more than getting started on a new CGI project. With over twelve years of experience as a 3D artist, he is dedicated to his craft and is passionate about sharing his knowledge.

In this course, learn all of Farid’s tips and tricks for creating a 3D animation using Cinema 4D and Redshift. Discover how to use professional 3D software like a pro and see how to create a still frame rendering of an imaginary 3D garden from scratch.


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