Skillshare – Spaceship Concept Art with Affinity Photo and Blender 2.9

Concept art is an important part of the early stages of game development or moviemaking. It’s the visualization of characters, props, vehicles, and environments that will go into the final entertainment product. This class will teach you how to make use of 3D to make the 2D art process faster and easier. Concept art in the current movies and games industry is trending to incorporate more and more 3D as an integral part of the design process. After absorbing the materials in this class, you’ll be better equipped to enter the concept art world as an effective artist.

The chosen subject matter of this class is a sci-fi spaceship – a staple vehicle featured in countless movies and games that feature space travel, aliens, and galactic warfare. To get the most out of this exercise, you should let your imagination run wild and push yourself to come up with new interesting designs for your own spaceship.

This class will specifically use Affinity Photo and Blender as the 2D and 3D tools, respectively. However, you can still follow along with other equivalent software such as Photoshop and Maya. The overall concept art creation process remains the same regardless of what tools you’re using. A pen tablet connected to your computer is highly recommended to enable digital painting.

In summary:

Learn the industry standard process for creating concept art by incorporating 3D.

Design your very own spaceship and share your work with the instructor and/or other students for feedback.

You can still follow the course with alternatives to Affinity Photo and Blender. The process is still the same.




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