Gumroad – Autodesk Maya Malcolm341 All Mel Script Pack (Latest Update)

For Maya 2018 service pack 6 or later

For Maya 2017 service pack 5 or later

-Marmoset Export Toolbox for Maya

-UV Edges Toolbox for Maya

-Fastest Way to Create Normal Map Stamps in Maya Script

-One Click Import/Export Selection From one Maya Scene to Another

-Xray Selected Objects in Maya

-Instant Reference Planes from Selected File Nodes

-Delete Empty Groups in Maya

-Fast Open Close for Maya

-Special Transform Tools

-Vert Snapping Toolbox for Maya

-Weld Components to Closest Vertices in Maya

-Create Primitive at Selection in Maya

-Axis Aligned Lattice Deformer in Maya

-Mirror and Instance Toolbox for Maya

-Clean Combine, Extract, Dupe Faces for Maya

-Select Every Other Edge in Maya

-Select Half Your Mesh from Edge Loop in Maya

-Show Geometry Border Edges in Maya

-Naming Toolbox for Maya

-Copy/Paste Material from Face to Components

-Select Faces by Material ID in Maya

-Graph Materials from Selected Faces in Maya

-Checker Map Toolbox for Maya

-UV Grabber Toolbox for Maya

-Light Mapping Toolbox for Maya

-UV Mapping Fastest and Easiest Way in Maya Toolbox

-Gridify UVs

-UV Mapping Toolbox for Maya

-Free updates, includes any improvements made to the scripts after purchase, download the same file again to get the update. Also includes any new scripts added to the pack after purchase

-Tested on Maya 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, LT, Student

-Works on PC and Mac

-Installation and usage instructions contained in .zip file



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One thought on “Gumroad – Autodesk Maya Malcolm341 All Mel Script Pack (Latest Update)

  1. Thank you VIP for sharing it works with maya 2020.4 😀
    the script is only 1.60MB but on the RapidGator link the file is 1.20GB
    I think there is a file error …

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