Animation Mentor – Course 2 – Body Mechanics

In Body Mechanics, dive deep into the physicality of animating full-body walks on both human and animal characters with our Stella and Sloan rigs. Begin by honing your observational skills and understanding of human and animal anatomy. Once you understand the source of realistic motion, you are ready to learn how timing and spacing choices can take your animation from realistic to stylized. Finally, finish class with workflow tips on how to add polish and shine to your animation.

Learn How to:
Improve your powers of observation through an understanding of anatomy and physiology of full body walks
Apply your observations to animate a full body walk using Stella
Understand the importance of arcs in your ability to convey organic motion
Film useful and usable video reference – a key source of inspiration for most professional feature animators
Explore physicality by adding personality and character to a basic walk cycle, integrating key storytelling components to your shots
Use timing and spacing to take your animation from realistic to cartoony and back again
Add the final 10% of polish to your shot, and take your shot from good to great




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