Udemy – Learn Easy FX with Blender & Houdini

Make realistic FX Simulations with Houdini and Blender easily

What you’ll learn

Learn to create effects quickly with Houdini and Blender for free
Create effects in Houdini non commercial and export to blender
You will learn to create explosions, beams,
You will learn to create smoke, dust, and all type of effects


No coding skills needed, no maths. the course is easy to follow
Blender (Free) , Houdini non commercial (Free)


FX Creation & Development with Houdini and blender. [100% FREE WORKFLOW]. Without any coding or complex setups.[No MATHS]

Create Impressive Realistic Explosions

Create beautiful Beam effects.

Discover how to create professional effects.

In this course, we will see how to create beautiful realistic effects in Houdini (non commercial edition) and Blender(Free software).

you will learn to create professional effects, and use EEVEE or Cycles for rendering.

Without any coding or complex setups, you will learn to create interesting effects quickly and export to Blender for rendering.

We will see how to create the simulation (in Houdini), and customize it. You will learn to optimize the simulation and how to import and setup the simulation in blender.

I decided to create this course because I wanted to create certain effects in Blender and I wasn’t possible. With the help of Houdini we can easily create and export our simulations to Blender. The course includes blender shaders and some houdini project files.

You will learn to create 5 effects :

Simple Explosion, [fast basic explosion in SOP]

Nuclear Explosion,[big large scale explosion in SOP]

Kamehameha beam,[anime style effect using pyro]

Dust storm, [movie style effect using pyro in SOP]

Reactor FX. [Quick effect in DOP]

No coding – No programming needed –
Who this course is for:

3d artists, blender artists, CG artist, filmmakers, fx artists


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