Animation Mentor – Course 03 – Advanced Body Mechanics

In Advanced Body Mechanics, build on your learning from previous courses to animate increasingly physical shots with your characters. Pick a character and create your own sequence, using cuts to help tell your story. Whether you want to send your character barreling through a wall or jumping out of a plane, Advanced Body Mechanics will teach you the necessary skills to animate physicality and body mechanics believably.

Learn How to:

– Use staging and composition to tell your story, including how to help your audience understand the progression of your story
– Use editing to craft a sequence out of multiple shots, and convey storytelling and action across your sequence
– Build on your existing body mechanics to improve your ability to animate physical shots like running, crawling, and even climbing with
Stella or Stan
– Delve deeper into advanced techniques of anticipation, overlapping action, and timing and spacing
– Utilize best practices of storytelling through cuts
– Incorporate appeal into your animation, including staging, exaggeration, aesthetics, and more

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