Project City – Toniko Pantoja – 2D Animation Workshop

Have you ever wondered how your hand drawn characters would look in a finished shot; fully colored, lit, and roaming in a world you painted? In 8 weeks, students will learn the basics of hand drawn animation to breathe life into their characters, while learning how to finish a shot from beginning to end. Knowing how to get a fully rendered shot will help you build the confidence to start your own animated productions, or prepare proof of concepts if you’d want to sell/pitch an idea of yours.

My name is Toniko Pantoja and I have served the animation industry as a Story Artist, Character Designer and 2D animator. I have worked in feature animation under Dreamworks Feature, Strange Weather Films, and Netflix, while also dabbling into other roles in the animation world – such as directing and animating trailers for clients.

Although I have worked in the industry fulfilling roles for other productions, at heart I love to make things where I am involved in every process. I am a graduate of calarts where we had to finish a film every year, and since then I still make animated productions from scratch to finish. I will also be sharing never before seen project files (Kipo, City of Secrets, PIG Dam Keeper Poems, etc) I did for these projects to show my animation overall process and pipeline.

By the end of this course, each student will have produced a finished shot with their animated character. This course is more of a workshop/mentorship rather than a class where I preach things.





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