Topaz Gigapixel AI 7.2.0 MacOS

Beautiful photo enlargements using machine learning. Enlarging your image without losing detail has always been impossible… until now. Upscale your photos by up to 600% while perfectly preserving image quality.

Run locally
Upscale and enhance quickly right on your desktop. Use easy batch processing to optimize your workflows.

Premium AI Models
More than five years of advanced AI training has made Gigapixel 7 best-in-class.

Lighting Speed
Gigapixel 7 is faster than ever and optimized for your machine.

AI Upscaling with Gigapixel 7
Boost sharpness and clarity with crisp edges
Enhance details in fur and feathers
Improve textures and create smoother edges
Add fine, realistic and natural details
Create cleaner lines to improve graphic art

Enhance any image with Gigapixel 7
Recover low-resolution portraits
Digitally zoom without loss of detail or resolution
Fix extreme pixelation and compression artifacts
Clean up low-quality line art and PNGs
Restore details in vintage photographs

Whats New v7.2.0
New Speed mode for Recovery that is 20x+ faster, with lower system requirements. No mega-GPU needed – this should run on most machines that can currently run our other upscaling models.
New Multi-Preview for Recovery, allowing you to generate multiple preview patches before committing to rendering the entire image. It’s also frameless, and it just looks phenomenal compared to the pop-up window that blocked your workspace before.
You can now switch models inside the Compare Tool without having to leave and re-enter that workflow, making the process more seamless and useful if you’re in a hurry.
You can also eliminate models inside the Compare Tool to narrow down and find the best results faster than ever before. There’s also a new unique split-view with 3 models.
You can now import CMYK files and export CMYK TIFF files as well. As a result you should no longer have to convert files for direct printing before and after using Gigapixel.
Model updates with improved Low Resolution v2 results. Less artifacts, more sharpness, and better results across the board using this new model.
Under the hood we have also improved color accuracy inside Gigapixel. You should now get more reliable results, with less issues using high-fidelity colorspaces like Adobe RGB or Pro Photo.

Supported Operation System
• macOS 11 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor



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