ImagingPrep Bundle

ImagingPrep – 3D Rendering Using Photoshop in Uder 10 Steps
ImagingPrep – Camera Exposure Explained
ImagingPrep – Cameras Options
ImagingPrep – Colored Diamond Jewelry Photography
ImagingPrep – Colored Gemstone Jewelry Photography
ImagingPrep – Creating Beautiful Highlights
ImagingPrep – Diamond Bracelet Photography
ImagingPrep – DSRL Video
ImagingPrep – Engagement Ring Photography
ImagingPrep – Fashion and Jewelry Photography for Catalog
ImagingPrep – Five Tips
ImagingPrep – Fundamentals Building the Kit
ImagingPrep – Highly Stylized Images
ImagingPrep – Hybrid Imaging
ImagingPrep – Illustrating Jewelry from Scratch
ImagingPrep – Image with Sparkle
ImagingPrep – Jewelry Photography Lighting
ImagingPrep – Light Modeling for Jewelry
ImagingPrep – Lighting Bangles and Large Polished Items
ImagingPrep – Make a FREE Jewelry eCatalog
ImagingPrep – Making Product Video
ImagingPrep – Nutshell
ImagingPrep – Photographing and Retouching Pearls
ImagingPrep – Photographing Jewelry on a White Background
ImagingPrep – Photographing Jewelry on Black
ImagingPrep – Photographing Loose Diamonds
ImagingPrep – Photoshop an Engraving on Jewelry
ImagingPrep – Photoshop Jewelry on a Model
ImagingPrep – Plain Metal Jewelry Photography
ImagingPrep – Propping Techniques
ImagingPrep – Q&A
ImagingPrep – Reflection Shadows
ImagingPrep – Shadows and Backgrounds
ImagingPrep – Shooting Image with Natural Shadow
ImagingPrep – Styling Jewelry for Advertisements
ImagingPrep – The Kit
ImagingPrep – The Set
ImagingPrep – Tiffany Style Retouching
ImagingPrep – Tips and Tricks
ImagingPrep – Tips and Tricks 2
ImagingPrep – Watch Photography
ImagingPrep – Watch Photography Styling and Set Tools



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ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part1.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part2.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part3.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part4.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part5.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part6.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part7.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part8.rar
ImagingPrep Complete Collection.part9.rar


Mirror :-










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