Blender 101 – Blender331: Character Texturing

In this course we look at Blender’s Texture Painting tools and use them to create texture maps for the goblin character. You’ll learn how to create the fundamental texture maps for your characters: the Color map, Normal map, Ambient Occlusion map, and Specular map. We then bring the character model and the texture maps into the Unity game engine to apply the textures.

01. Setting Up the Interface for Texturing
02. Filling the Base Colors
03. Using Paint Slots as Layers
04. Adding a Texture to the Brush
05. Painting the Character’s Armor
06. Prepping to Paint Cloth Texture
07. Texture Painting the Cloth
08. Texturing the Boots
09. Texturing the Gauntlet
10. Texturing the Skin
11. Texturing the Face
12. Exporting the Texture Maps
13. Bringing the Textures into Unity



Download Links:-




Mirror :-


Mirror :-

Blender 101 – Blender 331 – Character Texturing.part1.rar
Blender 101 – Blender 331 – Character Texturing.part2.rar
Blender 101 – Blender 331 – Character Texturing.part3.rar








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