Udemy – Add Drama to Your Photos With Coloured Lighting in Photoshop Complete

What Will I Learn?

Complete classic portrait edit workflow with professional Photoshop techniques
Post Production Special Effects: Gel Lighting
Effectively use Dodge & Burn technique to enhance any image
Work with confidence with Masks and Adjustment Layers
Work in a non-destructive way with the use of most powerful Photoshop Tools


Ideally Photoshop CC, trial free version is more than enough
No prior knowledge of Photoshop is necessary, I will explain all the techniques in a simple way
We will work with high quality images provided as supplementary materials to help you move on even faster!


Welcome to “Add Drama to Your Photos with Coloured Lighting in Photoshop”!

In this course I will show you how to style your photos and get artistic look by adding dramatic coloured effects, derived from theatre and cinematography. By introducing strong, flashy colors we will create images with a twist – provoking, vibrant portraits pulsating with energy.

We will be working with 3 different images and combination of the most powerful Photoshop techniques. I believe that the most effective way of learning any artistic skills leads through practice and that’s why this course takes an intense, “hands-on” approach. You will be working along with me on each and every edit – I will walk you right from the starting point, through complete sequence of adjustments.

We are aiming for funky Gel Lighting Effects in this course – they are presented as last step of the editing non-destructive workflow.

Before we reach the colorisation stage, you will learn:

how to prepare your photo for the edit,
how to enhance definition and add more depth and contrast with Dodge and Burn technique.
I will cover as well targeted luminosity adjustments and selective sharpening.
When you join me in the course you will get instant access to 3 high quality photos which we will use as a base during the editing process. You will get the original files and final versions with all editable Photoshop layers included.

Working with the supporting materials is an extremely effective way to master Photoshop techniques. They allow you to start the course immediately with no time wasted on research and preparations.

Even if you don’t have experience with Photoshop you will be able to follow me along and starting with simple techniques you will gradually build up your skills.
At the end of the course you will be confident in evaluating your images, you will gain practical skills allowing you to work with the most effective Photoshop tools to take your images from boring to striking.

Join me and let’s together unlock hidden potential in your photographs. See you inside the course!

Who is the target audience?
Take this course if you are curious about color grading techniques behind striking portraits
Take this course if you want to learn in detail powerful and flexible Photoshop techniques to improve your photos
Take this course if you are an artist and would like to introduce digital techniques in your creative process
Take this course if you want to develop artistic skills in fields of creative photo processing
Take this course if you love photography!



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