Pluralsight – 3ds Max Animation Fundamentals

Have you ever had an amazing animation idea in your head, but no idea how to create it? If so, this course is perfect for you. In this course, 3ds Max Animation Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to create animations from start to finish. First, you’ll discover the various animation tools at your disposal, including the Time Bar and Curve Editor. Next, you’ll explore how to edit your animations and create more realistic movement. Finally, you’ll create Real-Time Previews to view your animations. When you’re finished with this 3D Animation course, you’ll not only create a fully animated character, but also will be able to create and edit your own animations in the future. Software required: 3ds Max 2018.

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Mirror :-

Pluralsight – 3ds Max Animation Fundamentals.part1.rar
Pluralsight – 3ds Max Animation Fundamentals.part2.rar










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