Bunkspeed Shot Pro 2011.35 32Bit / 64Bit Retail

Bunkspeed Shot Pro 2011.35 32Bit / 64Bit Retail

Bunkspeed SHOT™ is the re-imagined, all new generation replacement for HyperShot. Bunkspeed was the first to create an intuitive “virtual digital camera” in the form of interactive real-time rendering with UDRIVE in 2003, then again in 2007 with the first real time ray tracing application HyperShot. Simple and elegant workflow enabled digital designers to bring their creations to realistic life, in minutes not hours. Bunkspeed’s innovative and passionate team have done it again with the pending introduction of the next generation – Bunkspeed SHOT™. .

Hybrid rendering – Bunkspeed SHOT™ can use either the CPU, GPU or both.
Can scale seamlessly to one or more workstations or to a large cluster
Works with most all CAD data
Doesn’t require a high end graphic card
Works well on a dual core laptop
Significantly accelerated with the powerful parallel processing power of NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPU’s

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