ThreeSixty3D Metaballs v3 For XSI 2010 x32Bit / x64Bit

ThreeSixty3D Metaballs v3 For XSI 2010 x32Bit / x64Bit

Metaballs v3 is the latest version of the metaball animation and simulation plug-in for Autodesk Softimage.

Completely rewritten to improve performance, stability and workflow
Added support for ICE point clouds
Metaballs supports vertex color blending
Metapaint (formerly called “grid mode”) creates simple ink and liquid-like effects, simulates viscosity and painting, using keyframe animation instead of complex fluid dynamic simulations
Metapaint supports simulation oversampling to greatly reduce animation artifacts
Added volumetric noise and volumetric blur
Added geometry normals smoothing to generate smooth surfaces
Added geometry instancing › any polygon object can be used as a “building block” instead of triangles or cubes
Every control object now has a separate settings property
Other new features include a welding threshold, a geometry push option, a 2D mode for metapaint and many stability fixes
This version includes a detailed PDF manual with tutorials and many example scenes
The activation mechanism is very simple
Supported platform › windows x32/x64


Or Metaballs v3 For XSI 2010 x32Bit & x64Bit.rar

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