Axyz-design An(i)ma 1.1.0 x32/x64 with 8 Actors Addon


Axyz-design An(i)ma 1.1.0 x32/x64 with 8 Actors Addon

Human characters in 3D scenes become ever more important in visualizations, animations and illustrations. Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process and because of its complexity, most of the animation work has catered to very advanced users and programmers, leaving virtually no access to all other users.

an(i)ma is the fastest stand-alone character animation application developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating stunning 3D animations in less time.Our motion-editing tools and content make 3D character animation easy and affordable, and enables creative and technical artists to take on demanding animation-intensive projects.

Ready-To-Run Agent Libraries
an(i)ma uses the award winning line of Metropoly 3D Humans. These digital Actors are controlled by real motion capture data and automatic procedural motions combined with
a motion blending system to achieve
super-realistic animations.

You can simulate the behavior of a large number of characters with some simple parameters.
WYSIWYG Interface
an(i)ma uses a simple and intuitive interface that allows for a fast and easy drag and drop editing. A short learning curve allows you to focus on design and visualization without being distracted by the software.

Collision Brain
an(i)ma combines a sophisticated AI brain engine to predict collisions between agents. The animated characters in the scene will behave realistically.

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  1. Hello, is this Mac Os X compatible?, or just Windows?. Would it be possible to have new links?, I´m really amazed by this software and i see it´s not easy to find!.

    A Mac version would be the best of the best of the best!, Thanks!!!

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