Car Rigging in 3Ds Max 3D Tutorials

Car rigging in 3ds Max 3D Tutorials

Its Old, But its Useful 😀

1 DVD Autodesk Inc English 1.5 Gb

Presented by Chris Harvey, of Frantic Films, this session focuses on creating a rig for a vehicle, illustrating the flexibility of 3ds max for all types of rigging.
A variety of types of vehicle rigs for games and film are shown:
– Treaded
– 4 Wheeled
– 3 Wheeled
– Multi Wheeled
– Planes

Vehicle specific topics such as suspension, automatic wheel rotation, steering, automatic interaction of mechanical parts, automatic/hand-adjustable secondary motion, are covered, to name a few. The vehicle rigs include uses of scripted controllers, expressions, custom attributes, scripted plug-ins, modeling for rigging, the use of intelligent control objects, and wiring. To cap it off, the session would not be complete without demonstrating the ease and speed with which the vehicles can be animated.

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