Karl Taylor: Professional Retouching Secrets DVD

Karl Taylor: Professional Retouching Secrets DVD

Photoshop Tutorials – Karl Taylor: Professional Retouching Secrets
English | 960×600 | 5 hours 4mins | AVI | 1.94 GB
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Discover the Industry’s Best Kept Professional Retouching Secrets in Photoshop. Learn some of the best kept industry retouching secrets used in high street advertising images to give your photographs that highly polished look. Learn the essential tools and techniques step by step for light shaping, skin smoothing, shading and much, much more. We’ll be looking in depth at the process and Karl will show exactly how he re-works beauty and product images to high end advertising standards.

Who is this DVD for?
This DVD is aimed at photographers who want to improve the impact and dynamism of their portrait, fashion, beauty or product images. Learning this valuable knowledge will give your images that professional edge over others.

What level of knowledge and training is covered?
This DVD provides an introduction to some of the intermediate and advanced retouching techniques required to improve your photographic images. To get the best out of this training course you should have an understanding of the most common tools and rudimentary functions of Adobe Photoshop.

What if I want retouching techniques for more advanced users?
For all customers who purchase this title, we will be providing selected FREE downloads with even more advanced techniques, tips and tutorials that follow on from what is learnt in this programme.

Perfect Skin Techniques
Forget smudge and blur techniques! We show you the professional industry techniques for making that skin look flawless
Retaining Skin Texture
Ever wondered how to retain that skin texture when undertaking an extensive retouch. We show you how.
Light Shaping and Enhancement
This takes studio lighting to a whole new level. This incredible technique can literally transform the look of your image into that of the fashion professionals.
Retouching Fine Detail
Discover several techniques for dealing with those tricky areas of fine detail and how to speed up your workflow.
Contrast and Sharpening
Don’t let your images look flat. Discover how to add that professional sparkle and brilliance to your final image.
Image Impact
Deciding on the goals will give you a clearer understanding of how to get to the end result of that perfect flawless shot.
Burn and Dodge Layers
Burning and dodging were the mainstay technique of the traditional darkroom. Find out why they are still one of the most important aspects of today’s digital darkroom.
Healing and Cloning
A close look at two of the most commonly used tools and find out how they can give you more.
Often overlooked this simple tool can help save time when used correctly.
Liquify and Warp
Reshape the pixel mesh and learn how to protect it. But what do you choose to shape and why? See as Karl shows you his techniques and choices.

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