Lightmap HDR Light Studio Pro v2.0 – XFORCE

Lightmap HDR Light Studio Pro v2.0 – XFORCE

HDR Light Studio Software
Real-time image based lighting design

For all their advantages, HDR images have suffered one serious drawback over the years: their fixed, static nature. Getting exactly the lighting you wanted for a 3D object has always been very labour intensive: hours of trial and error, fiddling and making things yourself or the ‘buy something and hope it works’ approach. Effectively, you were in the dark.

HDR Light Studio has changed all that. It has replaced guesswork with precision. By allowing you to adjust the image-based lighting in real time, now you are able to – quite literally – see the light. You can adjust and interchange a vast array of studio light sources and effects: all within the instant, with everything, including distortion, handled for you.

Experiment until it’s perfect, tinker until you have created the ideal lighting design to maximise the character and dynamism of your object. Then render with one single HDRI that covers the entire light map, compatible with 99% of renderers. It can also be used to improve existing HDRI maps. HDR LIGHT STUDIO saves time, saves money, and improves quality. 9 out of the 10 largest global car manufacturers have seen the light. So have other household names. Have you?

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