Gnomon Workshop – Photorealistic Texture Painting An Introduction

Gnomon Workshop: Photorealistic Texture Paintingwith Justin Holt


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In this introduction to photorealistic texture painting, Justin Holt discusses how a trained eye for detail and keen sense of observation are essential attributes to being a successful texture painter in the the feature film industry. Using BodyPaint and Photoshop, Justin will demonstrate some of his easy to follow techniques and tricks of the trade in order to paint proper color, bump, displacement, specular and opacity maps. But more importantly, Justin will go through essential principles to maintaining a non-destructive workflow while painting textures to ensure a maximum amount of control and flexibility for any revisions and changes that may be requested after the maps are completed in a production environment. Additionally, Justin will complete the lecture with a quick run through in Modo to show how to quickly and easily generate polished renders that showcase all of the finely tuned texture work.


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