Di-O-Matic Character Pack v1.5 VIP Edition For 3DsMAX – XFORCE

Di-O-Matic Character Pack v1.5 VIP Edition For 3DsMAX – XFORCE

The Di-O-Matic Character Pack is an all in one suite gathering all Di-O-Matic 3ds max plugins. It’s a single installer jam-packed of award winning tools designed to save time and improve efficiency in your character animations productions. From muscle simulation to automatic lip synchronization, the Character Pack has it all.

You also get a complementary one‑year VIP support which includes priority technical support, exclusive tools and beta testing access on future products to name but a few of the many VIP benefits. Ease the installation process and implementation in your production pipeline with floating licenses and free rendering nodes for your rendering farm.

Version 1.5 05/04/2011

* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2012 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.72
* includes Facial Studio 2.3
* includes Hercules 1.4
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2.4
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.72
* includes Voice-O-Matic 3.2
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.79
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.96

Info:– http://www.di-o-matic.com/products/plugins/characterPack/


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