Video2brain: Power Workshops Contrast and Sharpness in Photoshop (2011)

Video2brain: Power Workshops Contrast and Sharpness in Photoshop (2011)

Video2brain: Power Workshops Contrast and Sharpness in Photoshop (2011)
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Genre: Video training

Video2brain: Power-contrast and sharpness in Photoshop workshops – global, local and micro-contrast. With each photo optimization and creative image alteration is the lifeblood of the image contrast and Schaerfeeindruck. The visual effect depends crucially on these two factors.

If you know how to affect contrast and sharpness specifically, you have all options open between a low-contrast image and a hyper-real fog-surrealistic-looking HDR image. In this video tutorial, you learn what global, local and micro-contrast and different links.

You will understand why contrast enhancement also requires an understanding of color models and how to make it usable. It Olaf Giermann leaves not only the superficial point of the tools and methods, but explains how and why a technique works and when to use them best, and without any detours. You will learn advanced techniques in Photoshop to know that you put in a position to work easier and faster.

You decide: detail-rich, high contrast look, or rather natural results? The video training you put in a position to optimize contrast and sharpness of your images to influence for creative and prepare for output to print or the Internet. This includes the use of image calculations and curves, effective noise reduction for detail preservation, and Ebenenfuellmethoden levels, and advanced micro-contrast optimization without creating Helligkeitssaeume.

From the contents:

Ten movies you should see before any other – In digital image processing is all about detail, sharpness and contrast. The top ten films show short and crisp, the basics that you should know anyway.

Eight things you should absolutely do in Camera Raw 6 – 6 Camera Raw offers with its many functions almost, to also use this program for image editing. With the eight functions that Olaf Giermann presenting here, you will be fit for the tasks that you should already lead in Camera Raw.

Prepare a file – Due to noise images are blurred and details are lost on it. Learn about various possibilities in this chapter, to remove noise.

Techniques for global and selective contrasts – contrasts you can either work on the whole picture or small image cutouts Change customer. Want to Change customer contrasts in an entire image, then one speaks of the global contrast. Sometimes it is enough to sharpen only small areas of an image. Look at these two large sections, which are opportunities to optimize contrast globally or selectively.

Local contrast and sculpting – Photoshop provides different filters you can use to Schaer Fung images. Learn in this chapter, how to create local contrasts and shapes intesified.

By evaporation of an image can Schaer at the micro level you achieve amazing effects – micro contrast and Schaer Fung. In this chapter you learn about this exciting functions. You also get many tips for the professional image editing.

Schaerfentiefe longer, more dynamic range – Due to problems with the Schaerfentiefe or the dynamic range, many details in images are lost. Get to know conclusively both causes and solutions for such problems.

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