Fxphd – FLM102 – Introduction to Flame


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Our new introductory flame course is designed to get artists up and running in the software so they can be confident working on scenes and spots in the app. We get a lot of questions from potential flame artists asking if they should take the course even though they don’t have easy access to a flame or flint system. The answer is an emphatic “yes”. The course is designed with the understanding that your time might be limited on the system — for instance, maybe you’re a junior artist who can only get on the system at night or you will be doing an internship at a facility in the coming months. By taking FLM102, when you get time on a flame, you won’t have to waste hours finding your way around the software.

Class 1: An overview of the flint/flame, including hardware, the software and UI conventions you need to know.
Class 2: The start of a multi-class tv ident project. A first look at action, paint, masking and more.
Class 3: Our first in-depth look at Action. Using the camera to create a 3D environment for the ident, layering types, creating the black/white city look and more.
Class 4: Continuing the indent, with a look at keying techniques in Action.
Class 5: Finishing off the ident. Premult v. unpremult action layers, adding graphics with reflections, cheating the 3D look with layering.
Class 6: Beginning an example tv commercial project, starting with an EDL assembly from videotape. A comparison between a standard NTSC assemble and using 24P mastering to make life easier.
Class 7: Timeline editing basics: trimming, sliding, swapping shots. Grading a shot and layering water effects on the scene to set the look of the spot.
Class 8: Batch, Pt 1 of 3 A simple batch tree, recreating the colour grading and layering done in the previous class, context viewing, and outputting. Also, a brief look at two timewarps.
Class 9: Batch, Pt 2 of 3 Beginning the opening shot using a mix of Action nodes and direct nodes in batch. A quick look at desktop paint to fix up a water drop for distorting.
Class 10: Batch, Pt 3 of 3 The Distort node, Text, Optics, and Sapphire Sparks all help take the opening graphic to completion.




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