Gnomon Master Classes 2011 – GMUNKICKDOWN2011 – The Full Cycle of the Design & Directorial Process

Gnomon School – Master Classes 2011: GMUNKICKDOWN2011

Advanced | 2h 14m | 1.13 GB | Software Used: Finder

This class will thoroughly break apart the design and directorial processes of a few selected projects from GMUNK’s repertoire, first focusing on the importance of inspirational reference, mood boards, and proper pre-production through previz and storyboards. The session will then examine the technical aspects of the design, editorial, compositing and finishing aspects of each production, giving specific tips and insight into how to optimize your workflow.

The class will finish with a variety of industry musings from a seasoned veteran, and the best ways to stay inspired and engaged through constant research, reference and self-motivated initiative. The session will be fast-paced and content-heavy with a variety of invaluable insight from somebody who’s done this a few times.

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