Video2Brain – Creating Perspective in Photoshop

video2brain – Creating Perspective in Photoshop

video2brain – Creating Perspective in Photoshop
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The Key to Crafting Convincing Composites…
You may have perfect mastery of all Photoshop’s tools and filters, but unless you get the perspective right, your montages will always look a little off. In this engaging workshop, author and expert Steve Caplin teaches you how to work with horizons, vanishing lines, and Photoshop?s extraordinary Vanishing Point filter. You’ll also learn how to adapt a photograph so that it fits in with the perspective of any scene in which you want to place it. This course will make you a better Photoshop artist by teaching you essential techniques and taking the mystery out of perspective once and for all.

Trainer: Steve Caplin

Publication date: Jan 24, 2011

Duration: 2 hrs
Why Is Perspective Important?
When Perspective Goes Wrong: Horizons 02:35
Finding the Vanishing Point 04:07
Composing the Scene 05:22

Opening Doors
Drawing the Vanishing Lines 04:08
Selecting the Door 03:03
Drawing the Floor and Wall 06:20
Adding the Interior Door 04:13
Building the Skirting Board 01:50
Adding a Picture 01:24
Painting the Shadows 02:47
Opening the Original Door 05:17
Adding Shading Behind the Door 01:35
Adding the Door’s Reflection 07:25

Correcting Perspective
The Perspective Problem 01:27
Correcting the Truck Side 03:05
Correcting the Truck Back 03:10
Adding the Shadow 04:16
Adding the Sign 06:02

The Vanishing Point Filter
Creating the First Perspective Plane 02:09
Creating the Second Perspective Plane 03:13
Tearing Off Additional Planes 02:45
Cloning in Perspective 04:09
Marquee Drawing in Perspective 02:35
Working on New Layers 03:11
Copying the Window 03:02
Extending the Window 03:13
Copying the Door 01:51
Adding New Artwork 05:18
Adding Some Graffiti 02:17
Healing in Vanishing Point 01:30
Rotating a Book 03:11

Perspective Cropping
Photographing from an Angle 01:09
Using Perspective Crop 01:42
Drawing the Diagonals 02:56
Correcting Lens Distortion 04:01
Tidying Up 05:11

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