3DMotive – Asset workflow Series: The Briefcase Part 1

3DMotive – Asset workflow Series: The Briefcase Part 1

Today we’re launching our latest addition to the training library and the first part in our Asset Workflow Series: The Briefcase. In Part 1 we’ll take a complete look at modeling and unwrapping a hard-surface prop with instructor Alec Moody. We’ll start by creating a high poly version of this bomb briefcase game asset. Then we’ll easily make the low poly model using quick modifier stack shortcuts taken while modeling the high res version. Next, we will discuss the UV unwrapping process and explain the important relationship between Normal maps, UV unwrapping and Smoothing groups. Part 2, coming later this month, will wrap up the production of our briefcase asset when baking, texturing, and final presentation are covered.

Home PAGE:– http://www.3dmotive.com/training/3ds-max/asset-workflow-series-the-briefcase-part-1/








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