cmiVFX – Nuke Object Removal Techniques

cmiVFX – Nuke Object Removal Techniques

cmiVFX – Nuke Object Removal Techniques | .mp4

Discover how to integrate the creation of a clean patch to cover up the control box. Utilize the paint tool to clone the surrounding areas allowing the ability to conceal the box, while learning to project the result onto a plane in 3D space. Using 3D tracking data, match and integrate the patch to the general movement of the shot.

3D Geometry – Stabilizing 3D Footage:
Film footage shot with a freely moving camera can be extremely difficult to work with and stabilize. Everything is shifting; nothing remains stable and there are very limited constant factors. Utilizing simple geometry and a projection camera, learn how to simplify this complex problem and create stabilization of the 3D footage.

Time Offset:
Parts of the train wheels were covered by the control box, which was previously removed, creating a problematic issue. The need to identify a quick solution or method to recover the wheels is crucial to continue the project. Painting the wheels in place would be a daunting and tedious task; the best solution is to copy the wheels from an area where they are not covered. The wheels now can appear on the patch before the train arrives and the time offset is the solution.

Roto in 3D:
Learn in detail how the 3D environment can help with rotoscoping. The film footage has been stabilized from the previous work and now being able to exploit that footage, the process of rotoscoping out the train wagon can be conducted on the stabilized shot.

Removing Reflections:
Streamlining the project is crucial and if there is way to use a simple solution for a complicated task, then do it! Painting out the reflection of the control box from the moving train wagons could take uncountable hours. Assuming the removal will not have to be perfect, the best solution would be to map out the shape of the reflection and color it to match the rest of the train, this method proves to be much more efficient.

Additional Elements:
Using the 3D environment can really be a bonus to any project. Simply lining up images behind one another in 3D space can create convincing parallax effects. The use of simple 3D geometry or FBX meshes can be of even more benefit. Receive a quick overview of how a window with a view into the room could be achieved by utilizing this technique.

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