Final Cut Pro X 10.3 ,Compressor 4.2 ,Motion 5.0.2 – Mac OSX

Final Cut Pro X 10.3 ,Compressor 4.2 ,Motion 5.0.2 – Mac OSX

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Version 10.0.3 introduces Multicam Editing Broadcast Monitoring and more new features that extend the power and flexibility of Final Cut Pro X.

New Features:
* Multicam
Edit multicam projects faster than ever before with a collection of innovative features that provide unmatched speed and flexibility. Select video and photos then create a Multicam Clip by automatically syncing different angles based on time of day timecode markers or audio waveforms. Play back multiple angles at once in the customizable Angle Viewer and use the powerful new Angle Editor to dive into any Multicam Clip and make precise adjustments. You can change add or delete camera angles at any time and work with different codecs frame sizes and frame rates without conversion. When iteaos time to cut your multicam project simply click in the Angle Viewer or use keyboard shortcuts to switch between angles on the fly.
* Advanced Chroma Keying
In addition to using the high-quality one-step chroma key in Final Cut Pro X you can now access advanced keying controls for color sampling edge adjustment and light wrap. Tackle complex keying challenges without exporting to a motion graphics application. And play back results instantly and in context to make critical editing decisions.
* Media Relink
Reconnect media and exchange files with third-party applications using a robust relink interface. Select media that has been moved or modified or locate clips that have been transcoded trimmed or color graded by third-party tools. Then easily relink to your Final Cut Pro X project or Event.
* Import Layered Adobe Photoshop Graphics
Import and keep all the object layers from a Photoshop file in a single Compound Clip so you can animate colorize and add effects to individual layers while editing in Final Cut Pro X.
* XML 1.1
Final Cut Pro version 10.0.3 includes support for exporting basic primary color grades to third-party applications like DaVinci Resolve. In addition you can import and export audio keyframes and intrinsic effects parameters such as opacity and scale. This improved XML support saves time and reduces creative rework when moving projects and media between applications.
* Broadcast MonitoringBeta
Output video to an external monitor using third-party PCIe cards or Thunderbolt I/O devices.* Connect to waveform displays vectorscopes and calibrated high-quality broadcast monitors to ensure that your final project meets broadcast specifications. Or send video to large HD screens and projectors so everyone in the edit suite can see the creative process at work. Broadcast monitoring is currently in beta and we’re working with third-party developers to continue to improve it over time.

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Download Links:- 4.2.rar Cut Pro X 10.3.part1.rar Cut Pro X 10.3.part2.rar Cut Pro X 10.3.part3.rar 5.0.2.part1.rar 5.0.2.part2.rar 5.0.2.part3.rar

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