FXPHD – NUK102 – Introduction to Nuke

FXPHD – NUK102 – Introduction to Nuke | 3.49 GB

Taught by Sean Devereaux, this new introductory course will expand upon the Foundry Nuke tutorials produced by fxphd. Nuke version 5 software will be available over the VPN to fxphd postgrads for non-commercial use (OSX, Linux, and Windows versions). Devereaux has worked at Digital Domain, ILM, RhinoFX and other facilities as a freelance artist, working on films such as Transformers, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I, Robot, Star Trek: Nemesis, and others. If you’ve viewed the Foundry DVDs, this course will cover the software in much more detail and is a great next step in learning the software

Class 1: Everything you wanted to know about the nuke 5 interface but were not bored enough to ask! This class will give you all the in’s and out’s of nuke’s workflow and layout.

Class 3: Pixel based image tracking including stabilization, match moving and motion blur.

Class 4: Awesome Keyers! The core keyer in nuke and the joy of rotoscoping!

Class 5: Super Awesome Keyers! Primatte, the IBK and the loneliness of keyng hair.

Class 6: Color Tools! An in-depth look at my favorites and an introduction to most of the others.

Class 7: Introduction to the magical world of 3D compositing! Requires nuke5.1v1 or later.

Class 8: An introduction to the 3D system in production. Importing camera and object data from various sources and an introduction to projections.

Class 9: Scene study: Using the 3D system to cleanup a shot and create monitor replacements at record speed.

Class 10: Wire/Rig removal. Nuke specific, but utilizing principles that can be used in any compositing software. Also, a brief introduction to gizmos.





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