FXPHD NUK213 – Nuke Stereoscopic Workshop


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Taught by Daniel Smith, this intermediate level class builds upon the Nuk203 course and takes stereoscopic techniques to the next level. We will be looking at Nuke 6.2 and using its new tools like Point Cloud generator, Dope Sheet, and Modeler tools to enhance stereo production. We will address the significant changes that have happened to Ocula and delve deeper into the robust tool.

Class 1: Intro to the term, understanding 3D spatial relationships, camera implementations, and building 3D camera Rig Gizmo. We will build a new camera gizmo that will be used in many classes to come.

Class 2: Intro to the new tools in Nuke 6.2 and how they can be leveraged for stereoscopic production. We start planning for our stereo shot that will be used for the rest or the term.

Class 3: Stereo Tracking with Nuke X and getting your data out of Nuke and into to Maya and other 3D apps.

Class 4: Using World Point Space passes. Taking advantage of World space passes in Maya to integrate and visualize our 3D

Class 5: We will use projection techniques to generate elements in our stereo shot, add more render layers, fix issues, and plus the shot.

Class 6: Ocula In Depth. An in depth look at the plugin and understanding of the Ocula’s many uses.

Class 7: Fixing Problem shots with Ocula. We will take a shot that has many problems from polarization errors, color differences, and geometric distortions and use Ocula to make it perfect.

Class 8: Using Nuke X Furnace tools to fix shots without Ocula. If you do not have Ocula I will show you how to use NukeX to accomplish many of the same tasks on a budget. We also look at the new features in Ocula 2.2

Class 9: Lighting and rendering With Nuke. Integration and generating elements from inside the comp. We will create new elements for a stereo shot and render them right inside of Nuke. We will also discuss the creation and use of floating stereoscopic windows.

Class 10: Dealing with 3D Projection setups and creating DCP for cinema delivery, Seeing it big! How to encode our 3D movies for the theater.




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