Simply Maya – The Complete Apache Helicopter Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Apache Helicopter Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Apache Helicopter Project | 4.21 GB

This is a unique tutorial series and there’s nothing similar to it available online today, as it’s a 29 hour long complete project covering modeling, texturing, scene lighting, rigging, animation and compositing of the AH-64 Apache Combat Helicopter. Throughout this project you’ll learn lots of useful techniques in all different fields of Maya that you can apply to your own work. Because this model has such a high level of detail and the project will take a long time to follow through with we recommend that you have some previous modeling experience before you start on this tutorial series. You’ll learn how to build shading networks for models and environments and lighting up complete outdoor scenes, both in Maya Software and Mental Ray with Image Based Lighting. We also look at how to post process renders for stills and animations, work with render layers and passes in compositing, color correction, motion blur and luminance depth. The Apache tutorials do not come with scene files, being a complete project we take you through the process of creating your own scenes.

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Download Links:- Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part01.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part02.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part03.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part04.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part05.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part06.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part07.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part08.rar Maya – Apache Helicopter Project.part09.rar

Mirror :-—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part01.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part02.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part03.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part04.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part05.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part06.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part07.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part08.rar.html—Apache-Helicopter-Project.part09.rar.html

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