cmiVFX – Blender 3D Compositing

cmiVFX – Blender 3D Compositing

cmiVFX – Blender 3D Compositing | 3.72GB

In this in-depth Blender training video, you’ll go through every step of the compositing process, from working with 3d and rendering, to tracked data from an external tracker like Syntheyes, to color correction and grading, it covers the gamut! When you walk away from this class, you’ll have been introduced each of the core concepts needed to be a successful compositor, seamlessly integrating fully 3 dimensional CG into real footage. cmiVFX breaks down each tool one by one with fast and easy chapter references designed for even faster muscle memory. cmiVFX continues to deliver the training and content you need, quickly, efficiently and affordably. When it comes to high end CG and VFX training, there is only once choice… cmiVFX!

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Download Links:- – Blender 3D Compositing.part01.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part02.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part03.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part04.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part05.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part06.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part07.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part08.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part09.rar – Blender 3D Compositing.part10.rar

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