Digital-Tutors – Painting Skateboard Graphics in Illustrator

Digital-Tutors – Painting Skateboard Graphics in Illustrator

Duration: 2 hrs. 8 min. | Release Date: May 1, 2012 | Author: Eddie Russell
Required Software: Illustrator CS5

In this Illustrator tutorial we will focus on creating hand painted skateboard artwork that pays homage to vintage zombie comics. For many designers, Adobe Illustrator is a program they use daily for tasks such as building logos. While it’s tools and vector results make it perfect for these type of projects, as you might have guessed, it’s also a powerful painting program. In this course we will focus on painting our image, utilizing several of the tools inside Illustrator to make it feel less like a vector image. Along the way, we’ll learn about tools like the brush tool, blob brush and eraser tool and how we can use them to help us get to our end result. Throughout this course, we will focus on removing the software from the equation so we can focus on the art. After completing this course, you’ll be familiar with the tools, techniques and process used to create this comic book inspired zombie image

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