Din3D Importer v1.09 for 3ds Max 2010 – 2012

Din3D Importer v1.09 for 3ds Max 2010 – 2012

Din3D files quickly and simply imported in AUTODESK 3ds Max. It is suggested for those ArchCAD users who use 3ds max for the model visualisation. It Significantly cleanses the geometry of the model thereby reducing the time spent to repair your model. Replacement of model is also possible while all the settings remain the same.

The objective of the development of this file format was that it could, as much as possible, provide the visualization programs with the information of the structure and hierarchy of ArciCAD beside the 3D model. There is possibility to transfer much more information than with the simple 3ds file format.

System Requirements

Win 32/64 bit (requires VC 2008 redistributable package)

3ds max compatibility:

3ds max 2010
3ds max 2011
3ds max 2012

Home Page: _http://din3d.net/products/din3d-importer-max

Download Links:-

http://extabit.com/file/29he6wipwk35i/Din3D importer 3ds Max v1.09.rar

Mirror :-


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