The Foundry Mari 1.4v4 x64

The Foundry Mari 1.4v4 x64

The Foundry Mari 1.4v4 x64 | 132 MB

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding VFX texture and matte painting artists, MARI is a 3D digital paint tool that will revolutionist your workflow. Capable of handling vast numbers of pixels, MARI out performs all other paint tools in speed, flexibility and processing capabilities. MARI allows artists to concentrate on painting detailed, multi-layered textures directly onto 3D models in a fluid and natural way.

MARI 1.4 introduces Adobe® Photoshop® layered PSD import and export functionality, OpenColorIO, triplanar projection and masked filters. Designed to speed up workflows, standardize color management, and be even easier to use and more flexible than ever before, MARI 1.4 is an ideal tool for every artist in your pipeline.

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