XfrogPlants FLOWERS 1

XfrogPlants FLOWERS 1

XfrogPlants FLOWERS 1 | 765.36 MB

Flowers 1 contains 3D flower models of 20 species from around the world. Each species includes 3 variations in age, shape and color for a total of 60 highly detailed, fully textured 3D models. Use XfrogPlants Flowers 1 to populate your digital gardens and create stunning virtual landscapes. This library complements XfrogPlants Flowers 2 and XfrogPlants Flowers 3: Together, these libraries contain 300 high quality 3d flower models.

The DVDs also include 800 x 800 Billboards and 800 x 800 Perspective Renders, each with alpha, for single polygon opacity mapping, or direct compositing. e.g. games, realtime, forests, flocks, flowerbeds,you decide, all models are high-res rendered for you.

NOTE: This ONLY includes the C4D model format!

Home Page: _http://xfrog.com/product/X-06.html


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http://extabit.com/file/27ay9jni4200b/XfrogPlants FLOWERS 1.part1.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27ay9jni4235n/XfrogPlants FLOWERS 1.part2.rar


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