Digital-Tutors – Creative Development – Realistic Compositing in Fusion

Digital-Tutors – Creative Development – Realistic Compositing in Fusion

Advanced | 1h 54m | 1.34 GB | Required Software: Syntheyes 2011, modo 501, Fusion 6.3

In this Fusion tutorial we will learn about compositing in Fusion by utilizing its 3D space to complete a production quality shot. Throughout these lessons will work through a pipeline from tracking to rendering and finally compositing CG elements into a live action plate. Over the course of the tutorial we will find the most efficient way to communicate through the different programs to achieve our final result. We will examine how essential the 3D space within linear space of a compositing package is and use it to our advantage. By the end of the tutorial you will have and understanding of how to create custom passes from within your compositing package. You’ll also be able to work within a linear workflow to take your color corrections to the next level.

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