Eat 3D – Unreal Kismet 2 – Creating a Top Down Shooter

Eat 3D – Unreal Kismet 2 – Creating a Top Down Shooter

772MB | Duration: over 6 Hours | Apps Used – Unreal Development Kit (UDK May 2012)

In this DVD Rusty Sempsrott dives into the depths of Kismet using UDK. He will be showing many of the concepts needed to use Kismet for prototyping out different game ideas. Rusty creates a simple top-down perspective shooter entirely in Kismet, without writing a single line of code. Topics include: setting up the levels, adding logic and a camera actor, setting up the player and game camera, player controls, global variables, level streaming, enemy vehicles, enemy movement, enemy damage, adding a scoring system, advanced movement, projectiles, player death, and finally a camera flythrough of the final game.

This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn more about Kismet and how to use it to prototype your own game ideas, without having to know any UnrealScript.

About the Instructor:-

Rusty Sempsrott has worked in the video games industry for over 5 years, working on multiple titles including Blacksite: Area 51 and DC Universe Online. Rusty graduated from Full Sail University in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Game Development.

Rusty is currently a Technical Design Director at Volition, Inc. in Champaign, IL working on an unannounced project.

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