Peter Guthrie SKY HDRi Collection

Peter Guthrie SKY HDRi Collection

Peter Guthrie SKY HDRi Collection | 4.49 GB

0707 dawn sun
0743 Cloudy Morning Sun
0839 Cloudy Dawn
0902 Over Cast
0907 Dawn Sun
0911 Dawn
0917 Dawn
0927 Wispy clouds
1008 Cloudy
1044 Overcast Sun
1103 Sun Clouds
1224 Clear Sky
1236 Clear Winter Sky
1313 Cloudy
1322 slightly hazy(HDRI only)
1325 Sun Clouds(EXR only)
1433 Sun Blue Sky
1554 Clear Sky Low Sun
1608 Cloudy Sunset
1614 Sun Clouds(HDRI only)
1658 Sun Clouds
1725 Sun Clouds(EXR only)
1735 Clear Sky(HDRI only)
1739 Sun Clouds
1808 Blue Sky White Clouds
1847 Dusk Sun
1853 Low Sun Clouds(HDRI only)
1928 Dusk Sun (EXR and JPEG)
1929 Cloudy Sunset
1931 Low Sun(HDRI only)
1934 Dusk Sun Clouds
1941 Dusk Blue
2003 Dusk Blue
2009 Dusk Pink Sky

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  1. help me i can not extract all part
    ! F:Download CompletePeter Guthrie SKY HDRi Collection.part01.rar: CRC failed in Peter Guthrie SKY HDRi Collection707 dawn sun707 Dawn Sun.exr. The file is corrupt
    ! F:Download CompletePeter Guthrie SKY HDRi Collection.part01.rar: The file “???” header is corrupt

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