TurboSmooth Pro 1.01 For 3Ds Max 2008 – 2013 x32/x64

TurboSmooth Pro 1.01 For 3Ds Max 2008 – 2013 x32/x64

TurboSmooth Pro For 3Ds Max | 3.44 MB

TurboSmooth Pro is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max which produces nice smooth semi-sharp creases on your models, unlike the ugly creases that the standard TurboSmooth produces. It also give you the ability to have linear UVs which in some cases can help in the texturing pipeline.

Here are some articles by Neil Blevis that explain some of the shortcomings of the standard TurboSmooth modifier which are fixed by TurboSmooth Pro. Article 1 Article 2
Here are some of the benefits you get:

Quickly and easily set nice smooth creases either by edge weight or smoothing groups.
Don’t have to struggle placing support loops.
Have more control over your mesh.
Avoid artifacts produces by support loops.

Situations in which you would want to use TurboSmooth Pro:

When you want to quickly model hard surface models.
When you want to be able to easily change to shape of an object without having to move a lot of support loops.
When you want to save time.

Watch the videos bellow to learn more about TurboSmooth Pro.

Home Page: _http://www.mariussilaghi.com/products/turbosmooth-pro


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http://extabit.com/file/279o6jvj56n32/TurboSmooth Pro 1.01 For 3Ds MAX.rar


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7 thoughts on “TurboSmooth Pro 1.01 For 3Ds Max 2008 – 2013 x32/x64

  1. Hi VIPGFX,

    Thank You for another Excellent Plugin for Max !

    Could you please keep an eye out for:

    Craft Director Studio for 3DS Max 2013 64Bit, I’m
    Busting to collect that one.


  2. Thanks!!!!!!
    If you could keep a lookout for ver 1.02 as it fixes some issues as well 🙂

    -Fixed a bug that prevented modifiers like bend or twist to work
    when they were placed after TurboSmooth Pro in the stack

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