Arnold Renderer Ver 0.21.0 For MAYA 2011 – 2013.5 Win/Mac

Arnold Renderer Ver 0.21.0 For MAYA 2011 – 2013.5 x64

ArnoldRender is the famous photorealistic rendering system “Unbiased Monte Carlo Radiosity,” currently used by Sony, Glassworks, Sega, Framestore, Digital Domain, The Mill, Psyop, Ubisoft, Zinkia, Kandor, 737 shaker among others, for advertising, animation series and movies like Monster´s House, Beowulf, Alice in Wonderland, 2012 o Lluvia de albóndigas and more.

SolidAngle develops the Arnold renderer, an unbiased, physically based path tracer, that is optimised for the demands of animation and visual effects. Arnold is being used at over a hundred visual effects studios including Sony Pictures Imageworks, Framestore, The Mill and Digic Pictures.

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Goto Windows Services , Search for rlm-solidangle , and Start that service.

You need to restart Pc after Arnold Installation


Download Links:- Renderer 0.21.0 For MAYA x64.rar Renderer Ver 0.21.0 For MAYA 2011 – 2013.5 Mac Os X.rar


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Mirror :-

19 thoughts on “Arnold Renderer Ver 0.21.0 For MAYA 2011 – 2013.5 Win/Mac

    1. the problem is you havent said arnold to render yeti in your maya environment variable which you can find it in your C:UsersD13Documentsmaya2013-x64

      i have put followings in mine, set properly .

      MAYA_RENDER_DESC_PATH = C:solidanglemtoadeploy2013
      PATH = %PATH%;C:solidanglemtoadeploy2013bin;
      MTOA_PROCEDURAL_PATH = C:Program FilesPeregrineLabsYeti-v1.2.5_Maya2013bin;
      MTOA_EXTENSIONS_PATH = C:Program FilesPeregrineLabsYeti-v1.2.5_Maya2013plug-ins;

  1. guys,
    I have a probem with Arnold and Shave and a Haircut 7.0.v19, posted February 3rd, 2013.

    It works, shave works with this Arnold version with Maya 2012, 2013 and 2013SP2 but, in every Maya version it comes after the rendering in 20-30 seconds to crash, every time.

    what am I doing wrong ?
    maya crashes every time, no matter which version

    thanks for help

  2. ok, I have the problem.
    there is a conflict with vray and arnold, if both are turned on in maya plugin manager

    if only vray or arnold are on , everything is perfect.

  3. I must be stupid or something, but i cannot get it installed, I am not sure how to do it… Can someone spend 5 minutes trying to help me?

  4. plz i can’t understood the instalation process for maya 2013 in lion os

    how and where can i change the script in .env …. i can’t find any file or process for this method

    help me plz

  5. im having Arnold renderer install on my main computer and work fine, now trying to install it on my second pc and rlm-solidangle services always go back to stop. I tried to edited the solidangle.lic but i guess i failed somewhere. Any help will be appreciated.
    thx in advance

  6. Hello.
    Im having problems with the select background option in the render settings. I click the select button but nothing happens… not even an error messaje on the script editor or something. Help please

    Maya 2013

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