Digital-Tutors – Rendering Flicker-Free Final Gather in Maya

Digital-Tutors – Rendering Flicker-Free Final Gather in Maya

Run Time: 1h 20m | Release Date: January 1, 2013 | Author: Kyle Green | 404.46 MB
Required Software: Maya 2013

In this series of Maya tutorials, we will explore a number of techniques that we can use in Maya to help eliminate the flickering problems that we often encounter whenever rendering with Final Gather.

This flickering is an extremely common problem that can be extremely difficult to fix. We will begin this course by exploring the mechanics of the final gather solution and explaining why this flickering is just a natural part of the final gathering process. From there, we will learn a number of ways in which we can start fixing the problem, using specialized final gather solutions for stationary objects in your scene, tips to avoid flickering when using image-based lighting, using specialized mental ray Production Shaders to help eliminate final gather flickering, and many additional tips and workflows to help you create flicker free final gather in Maya.

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