Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64


Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64

Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64 | 3.81 GB

Version 3.0 of Lumion is a breakthrough because it is a serious alternative for traditional rendering or outsourcing visualizations.

When visualization is not your primary profession you need software that’s easy to pick up. You need something that gets the job done and you can rely on.

Ease of use combined with speed and excellent results is what makes Lumion unique.




1 –   Instal Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64
2 –  Go to  C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/
3 –  Open the “host” file with the notepad.
4 –  Insert
5 –  Execute the crack.
6 – Enjoy.



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Thanks to zamueco



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Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part01.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part02.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part03.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part04.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part05.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part06.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part07.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part08.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part09.rar
Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part10.rar


Mirror :-


Mirror :- Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part01.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part02.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part03.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part04.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part05.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part06.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part07.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part08.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part09.rar Pro 3.0.1 – Win64.part10.rar









73 thoughts on “Lumion Pro 3.0.1 – Win64

  1. Did anyone get this to work???

    I installed it, edited my “hosts.txt” file as instructed, then used the patch.exe.

    Tried opening the program and got a “General Error” message on the screen!

    Yes, I am on a 64 bit Windows 7 PC.

    Please, if any of you got this to work, please let me know how.


    [email protected]

    1. @—-> VIPGFX,

      As you can see in my Post Above, I DID add Both of those lines to my “hosts” file exactly as instructed….still get the error.

      1. I wish I could register for this site…but for some reason, registration is closed.

        Am I supposed to actually Patch the file after doing the hosts file? Because that’s what I did as the instructions said to do.

        1. So,

          If you read what I wrote above, you can see I did it all as instructed.

          So do you have Any suggestions / help for me on this?


  2. Thank you so much zamueco and gfxdomain.
    I have been waiting 3 months for this application.
    Thank you so much.

  3. I got the same problem as jbraden37
    I follow the same way to get it works,but finally got “General Error” why?any one please give a method

    1. Yes, VIPGFX says they Tested this and it works (And I believe him), but it would be Very Helpful if maybe he / they could maybe post a short Text tutorial…or at least the Exact steps they took to make this work.

      I need to use this program for a project I’m working on that is for the victims of the Sandy-Hook School shooting….and this program would be perfect for the project!

      If I could only get it working.

        1. @—–—-> Yang,

          I tried opening the program, getting the error….then waiting for awhile…..still have the “General Error” on the screen. I have Not yet tried to run it with the Internet turned off. According to their website, the Internet Must be running in order for you to use the program.

      1. 1- Install Lumion 3.0.1
        2- Go to C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/
        Then Open the “host” file with the notepad.
        Insert these text, both :
        3- Execute the Patch, to …
        ..Lumion 3.0.1Channels.
        4- Enjoy.

        1. @—–> dyhvn2,

          I uninstalled my Lumion program completely, then I followed your instructions to the letter…..still get the same “General Error” message.

          @—–> Yang,

          I tried opening the program, getting the error….then waiting for awhile…..still have the “General Error” on the screen. I have Not yet tried to run it with the Internet turned off. According to their website, the Internet Must be running in order for you to use the program.

  4. Yang :
    1.shut down internet
    2.use fire wall block

    What I did is just only block internet access to Lumion.exe in my Fire wall (i have eset). And works fine

    1. @—–> M4DD,

      Finally! Yeah!

      I did what you suggested by blocking Lumion.exe through my Windows 7 Firewall settings……and it WORKED!!

      Thank you so much!!

      1. hi there! I have a problem.. help please.. I already disconnect the internet and edit the host but still it’s asking for my login and password.. :/

  5. Hello and congratulations, it works perfectly on win 7 64, but unfortunately the patch exe does not work properly on win 8 64 : buttons “patch” and “about” do not appear. Click on and patching are impossible..
    If you could transmit a patch without the graphic interface, it would be great !
    Running the patch on win 7 mode, or other modes do not match anyway.
    Anyone as an idea?
    Thanks a lot !

      1. Hola tuve el mismo problema que tu, tengo Windows 8 en mi maquina y la solución es que vayas al panel de control/aparencia personalización/pantalla y cambiar el tamaño al 100% y listo el parche como se debe ver sigues los pasos que te marca y le das a la parte que no ves del parche que dice pach y automáticamente sin poner nada en el firewall te da el programa.

  6. disable the internet is the only solution
    please disable internet for starting program then start your internet again

    the best solution for all

  7. Guys, for those ones who can’t use the patch, it’s functional. So, after (or before, no matters) installing Lumion, open the Control Panel/ Appearance and Personalization/ Display.

    Set the size of the text and other items to ‘Smaller – 100%’, apply it and then restart you computer. After all open the patch and finish the installation. After it, you can reset the video settings, if you want.

  8. i have installed lumion as instructed but after opening it i am asked for the code , after i enter it i get a “sucess” comment but nothing ha pends after wards i have tried opening it many times but same thing repeats every time , plz help me out !
    i have executed the crack and the internet connection is off mean while .

  9. Instale el programa y todo funciona Bien, pero borre sin querer, sin culpa la casa de la galería de objetos y ahora los ejemplos no sirven.

    Install the program and everything works fine, but the house accidentalemten delete imported from the object gallery and the examples do not work now.

  10. Hi guys,

    I folowed the simple instructions for instaling and patching.
    is there any problems in having it installed on Z: drive and not c: ?


    When I start Lumion i get:

    1. your internet connection is not working ( that is supposed to be taht way I guess cause I modified the host )
    2. Am I supposed to write something in the “activation line” ?
    3. I try to click the “retry” activation code icon
    4. The I get Succes but it just stays in that screen

    – please advise

    thx. for share

  11. Hi Guys,
    I use Lumion 2.5. 32bit
    Is the 3.0 Version worth to install? Because I have to Install Windows 64 bit too. and I am afraid I get problems with my other 32 bit Applications or 32 bit games I have.

    1. – I think “win7-64” is a good choice, so far I didn’t find any problems with the “32bit applications”.
      – 64bit systems can handles more than 4GB of RAM, “more RAM will give better performance”, so what are you waiting for. 😀

  12. Hi
    i’m having a problem during the patching process.
    After clicking on the patch buttom I recieved a windows 7 dialog message “Can not find the file. Search the file”
    And the crack program is apllying in the channel folder.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    thanks in advance for any help

    1. I already disconnect all internet connecton,turned off my antivirus, and followed all steps.. but still it’s asking for login and password..

  13. Can anyone help me with my problem. it gets generall error. I followed the instructions above and still same result. Where to save the hosts file after its inserted with “”?

    1. u should save the host file in same folder as u opened it. sometimes when we’re using notepad to edit it, the system won’t allow u to save in that folder, just save it in other folder (maybe my documents), its okay if u save it in *.txt. next maybe, U shoud go to folder option in explorer to view known extension setting, and then rename your hosts.txt to hosts (without .txt). Next step is backup your host file to another folder. and then replace the old hosts file with ur new hosts file. thats all

  14. hi there.. did everything as instructed but the crack is not opening and i cant click the patch button.. seems like a display problem because i cant even see the buttons..need help on this.. can any one upload the patched .dll files so that i can copy paste it.. will this work..??

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