The Foundry – KATANA v1.1v6 Linux64 – XFORCE

The Foundry – KATANA v1.1v6 Linux64 – XFORCE

KATANA is the heart of the 3D pipeline; a scalable, flexible and asset based approach to look development and lighting. Built from the ground up with the needs of modern productions in mind, KATANA is a revolutionary, recipe-based and artist-facing shot production solution that offers speed and efficiency, but also scales to meet the needs of even the most demanding CG Features and VFX Films.

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Download Links:- Foundry – KATANA v1.1v6 Linux64 – XFORCE.rar


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  1. veryyyyy goooooooood hakerrrrrrrr god
    plzzzzz helppppppppppppp help
    for 3ds max
    thhinking particke 5 final render
    fumefx 3.5

  2. If you guys don’t even know that this is only developed for linux, then why would you want it? Kids… go back to your room and do the homework.

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