Autodesk – Maya 2014 – Win32/Win64 – XFORCE

Autodesk – Maya 2014 – Win32/Win64 – XFORCE

Win64 | 2.03 GB

Comprehensive 3D animation software

Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation software offers a comprehensive creative feature set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. Maya now has next-generation display technology, accelerated modeling workflows, and new tools for handling complex data.

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NOTE:-  This is (Win64 Full Install)  


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Win64 – Maya 2014 – Win64 Full – XFORCE.part1.rar – Maya 2014 – Win64 Full – XFORCE.part2.rar – Maya 2014 – Win64 Full – XFORCE.part3.rar – Maya 2014 – Win64 Full – XFORCE.part4.rar – Maya 2014 – Win64 Full – XFORCE.part5.rar


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63 thoughts on “Autodesk – Maya 2014 – Win32/Win64 – XFORCE

  1. i got error after setup….
    its say( license was not obtained)
    i never had this problem with any version before..
    also in the beginning of setup,its not ask serial number or product key.may any body help please…also is it work with any body?

  2. 1.Install Autodesk Maya 2014

    2.Use as Serial 666-69696969, 667-98989898, 400-45454545 066-66666666 ..
    or anything matching those templates

    3.Use Product Key from list 657F1 Maya2014binlicense.env
    set ..
    other delete

  3. find the “license.env” file in the bin directory of maya 2014. (C:Program FilesAutodeskMaya2014Bin)

    open that file with a text editor.

    delete everything in the file (all the text) and replace with


    your license.env file should contain only these two lines of text, nothing else. Save and then launch the app.

    Enjoy 🙂

  4. thanks for answer but the problem that when i install it,it doesn’t ask me serial number or product key as any version before and about your second step.its open by text and when save it,it ask me save by .text and not .env….help me please

  5. Hi!

    When i install it,it doesn’t ask me serial number or product key. After instalation, i have the mensage below:

    License not obtained
    Licence method:
    environment variable MAYA_LICENSE_METHOD=’standalone’
    Product choice:
    environment variable MAYA_LICENSE=’657f1′
    license file override:
    environment variable MAYA_ALT_EN is not set

    And now.

    1. Hi Goin

      Read what “Rosweld says” further up.
      It worked for me, use something like EditPlus.
      However MentalRay is missing from this release so not much use to me.

  6. HI!





  7. Windows security wont let me launch xf-adsk64.exe


    These files can’t be opened
    Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened

    I’ve tried turning off all firewalls, and reset my internet explorer settings, and turning them to minimum – nothing has helped.

    I’m on windows 7 64bit

    Any suggestions?

    P.S. – Someone said this isn’t actually an xforce release – Who is it from then, and can it be trusted?

    1. found the solution to my problem:

      basically the exe was so deeply nested that the path to it exceeded windows max number of characters for a path. All I had to do was move the .exe to another location with a shorter path, one folder up in this case, and voila it worked.

  8. Fixed the Problem ppl! Not sure about this being a BETA but few ppl said it is doesn’t matter!

    First Step for all those ppl having the “Did not ASK no serial in the beginning of install…” Problem!

    1.Install Autodesk MAYA 2014

    2:4.Finish the installation Click “Finish” at the END

    3:follow “”Rosweld” Said:

    find the “license.env” file in the bin directory of maya 2014. (C:Program FilesAutodeskMaya2014Bin)

    open that file with a text editor (Notepad).

    Delete everything in the file (all the text) and replace with

    MAYA_LICENSE=657F1 <=== this is Ur Product Key in the Crack Dir. "install.txt"


    your license.env file should contain only these two lines of text, nothing else. Save and then launch the app."

    4:The Maya 2014 should start without the annoying ERROR message! And will go strait to Activation Page.

    5: follow the Instruction on the XFORCE TEXT file in the Crack/dir called "install.txt" Start from STEP 5. <== veryinportant don't worry about the STEPS: 1-4=Skip!


  9. All done as per the above steps, but patch is not applying during activation screen,and when I paste activation code and click next, it shows “REGISTRATION ERROR”

  10. Hi!
    Does anyone know how to get Mental ray running?
    I installed it, copied the program files over, copied the Autodesk shared to ( common filesAutodesk shared ).
    Still no plugin showing up in maya.
    am I missing something?

    1. I don’t understand the steps you just outlined, why did you have to do any of that? Walk us through what you did.

      Have you enabled Mental Ray in the Maya Plugin Manager? It works fine for me.

      1. 1. I Installed Mental Ray, the plugin was not in the plugin manager.
        2. In the crack folder there are 2 more folders, 1,”Program files”, which has an extra folder in there “PFiles” I copied that in. 2, “Autodesk shared” which has the mentalray.mod file which in previous releases is in the modules folder in the main directory.
        However there is a folder called “Autodesk shared” in “C:Program Files” so i copied the contents there in the hopeing that was where maya would look for it. Still no joy.
        3. Tried manualy loading the the plugin into Plugin Manager, maya crashes.
        4. Tried setting up the same directory structure as previous release where mentalray is in the main directory not “C:Program Files|Autodesk” no joy.
        5. Re-installed everything again. Still no sign of the plugin.

        I hope you can help.

  11. ooooh i’ve been waiting for it too long and now,it’s start of month but i still can’t register…

  12. Just wondering why gfxpeers is not letting anyone register on the first of the month??? Please fix this so we can register before the 5th.

  13. Where´s the X-FORCE TEXT, wheres the activation code?, because i install, change, with the text editor, then i run maya. and ask me about activated, and i have to enter a serial number i put for example :


    then 657F1

    next they ask me to put an activation code, cause they put me a request code, but there´s no serial or crack file.

    What you i do?

    (Admins should add that Lines)
    CREDIT to Rosweld & ali

    1. Install Autodesk MAYA 2014

    2. Finish the installation Click “Finish” at the END

    3. find the “license.env” & “license” files in the bin directory of maya 2014. (C:Program FilesAutodeskMaya2014Bin)

    3.1 copy the files to desktop to override them
    3.2 open both files with text editor and delete all text
    3.3 copy following text in both files


    3.4 copy the both files back to MAYA/bin directory

    4. Start MAYA2014 and click on ACTIVATE

    5. Open install.txt and follow XFORCE Instructions

    (IMPORTANT: the generate-file has to be moved to MAYA directory and runned as admin to work properly)

    (IMPORTANT: I was expecting some issues when not doing the exact steps of the install.txt, run the Patch not before ur in the Screen where u have to copy the Activation Code and may try it 2nd/3rd time)

  15. i guess gfx does not work. today is 3 day of month but I cant register for torrent dowload, it ask me use invites. And even i cant write message to admin, because contact form does not eork at all, like forum page too. if any body have invite can you share it? [email protected]

  16. Will the Xforce release come soon or at all at this point? Since this has been out and ‘patched’ already.
    Just curious to know.

  17. hello. in my case zonealarm says: autodesk download manager is suspected tobe p2p worm

    is this okay? thanks..

  18. First thanks a lot for this great website.
    Your the best.
    Plz i need the filefactory part1.
    “Link does not exist.” …

  19. Nice work! Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to merge PDF/PNG files online, I found a service here

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