Ctrl+Paint – Perspective Sketching 1: The Basics


Ctrl+Paint – Perspective Sketching 1: The Basics

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Understanding form, space, and structure will dramatically improve your drawing ability. “Linear Perspective” is the key to these aspects of drawing, and is often avoided by beginners. This series offers an alternative approach to perspective: freehand sketching with a grid.

Whether you’ve been avoiding perspective or simply want to learn a different approach, this series explains the basic guidelines: viewpoint, creating basic shapes, simple sculpting, and measuring in perspective. Though these skills aren’t flashy or impressive, they’re absolutely essential for good drawing. Once you can reproduce the techniques in these videos, even your most basic doodles will have a stronger sense of form and volume.



1. Perspective Overview
2. Freehand Cube
3. Projecting
4. Perspective Grid & Viewpoint
5. 3 Point Perspective
6. Simple Sculpting
7. Ellipses
8. Measuring
9. Conclusion

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