Digital-Tutors – 2D Racing Game Series in Unity: Volume 4


Intermediate | 3h 10m | 1.28 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Unity 4.2

In this volume of the 2D Racing Game Series in Unity we will continue building up the core game systems like the powerups and the enemy behavior.

We’ll get started by cleaning up any issues we have with our powerups. Here we will create the exact behavior of each powerup and keep each one balanced during gameplay. After that, we’ll learn how to keep the player on the track by allowing the player to drive full speed while on the track but at half speed while in the grass.

Once we have these systems finished, we need to give the player some feedback on what powerup is currently equipped. We’ll also learn how to display the speed and current lap. When all of that is finished, we’ll jump into learning how to create AI for our game.

We’ll first learn how to create waypoints for the enemy to follow and then we’ll learn how to physically move the enemy using the waypoint system. Then we’ll learn how to set up the 2d animations for the enemy car. Then we’ll wrap up the course by creating the game state which will control when the race starts and when it ends.

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