Genarts Sapphire v7.05 For OFX WIN


GenArts Sapphire visual effects plug-ins support the use of open source platforms/OFX plug-ins, which contribute to Sapphire’s ability to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and deliver beautiful results.

GenArts has been carefully crafting the world’s finest visual effects software since 1996 and our commitment to engineering excellence and superior performance has made Sapphire the industry standard of visual effects (VFX) plug-ins for the most discerning video content creators and editors.

New in 7.05:

Fixed a bug that caused the Preset Browser and Flare Editor to not work in Black Magic DaVinci Resolve.
Fixed a bug in FlickerMatch that could cause artifacts when rendering tiles in Nuke.
Flare Designer: fixed bugs that caused strange behavior when right-clicking on number controls.
FilmEffect: fixed a bug that caused crashes or incorrect output when using 3:2 pulldown options.
Flare Designer: fixed a bug where undoing an “Insert Lens…” could undo multiple actions.
Fixed a bug that could cause some hosts on Windows to exit after clicking Load or Cancel in the Preset Browser.

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